...because it helps you prepare your next, <br> great presentation effectively.

Presenting soon? Nervous? <br><br> <strong>Don't be.</strong> Our online training tools help you create and train a convincing pitch for any kind of audience. <br><br> Sounds interesting? Learn more below.

We used Pitcherific to structure our pitch before Web Summit. It was <strong>a vital tool for reaching the finals - which we won</strong>. Pitcherific raised our presentation to a level where we can stand on an international stage and pitch investors with great confidence.

Tommy Otzen, CEO, KUBO. Won at Web Summit's pitch event and €100.000.
Prepare a convincing pitch in record time.
Are you taking too much time?
The tool tells me if <br> my pitch is too long.
Know what to say
<span class="hidden-sm">Intelligent </span>Pitch Templates
We have gathered all the knowledge and experience about how to make a good pitch and put it into our pitch templates. <br><br>Pick one that fits your situation and let the template help you towards a stronger pitch. It's as easy as it gets.
Stay within time, every time
Set Time Limits
The most common problem with pitches is that they tend to go over time. But not anymore. The tool tells you if parts of your pitch is too long and helps you finish on time. <br><br>Simply set a time limit and let the template adjust how much you can write automatically.
Get into the right mindset
Set Audience and Goal
PRO It's essential that you know who you pitch to and for what reason. <br><br>In the PRO version you can set both audience and goal, so you never lose focus.
Train yourself to a stronger performance.
When is your pitch well-prepared?
The teleprompter challenges me to <br class="hidden-xs"> practice my pitch again and again.
Get more comfortable with pitching
Teleprompter Practice Mode
It's not enough to just write your pitch. You also need to rehearse it verbally. <br><br>With the teleprompter you get an easy way to rehearse your pitch again and again, so you can weed out words that work well on paper but doesn't work when spoken. <br><br>As an added bonus, you'll have an easier time staying within any time limits.
Simulate real-world situations
Pick a Video Audience
You experience quite a bit when pitching in the real world. <br><br>That's why you can pick between different video backgrounds that simulate a potential pitch situation. <br><br>Challenge yourself with a customer or an investor before the real thing!
Be prepared for the unknown
Question Cards
After a pitch, you are often asked a bunch of random questions. <br><br>When your education or company has Pitcherific Enterprise, you can prepare yourself for these questions after the teleprompter ends.
Be prepared for any pitch situation.
How do you tackle different pitch situations?
I can customize my pitches and <br class="hidden-xs"> even save different versions too.
Have different pitches ready
Create more than 1 pitch
PRO When you've pitched a few times you quickly realize that one pitch is not enough. <br><br>An expo can require a short Elevator Pitch while a customer meeting might benefit more from a longer NABC pitch. <br><br>With Pitcherific PRO you can create all the pitches you need and customize them for any situation.
Keep track of how your pitch evolves
Save multiple pitch versions
PRO It's good to have different pitches, but the same pitch evolves over time and takes many forms. <br><br>With Pitcherific PRO, the tool automatically saves versions of your pitch, making it easy for you to keep track of its progress.
Easily take the next step
Export to PowerPoint
PRO In many pitch situations, your pitch is supported by a visual slideshow. <br><br>That's why you can export your pitch as notes to both PowerPoint and OpenOffice with Pitcherific PRO.